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Hockey Shot Game 3D

For fans of hockey, Hockey Shot Game 3D is an online roller coaster game with challenging gameplay and aggressive opponents. To advance to the latter phases of the competition, it is crucial that you become an expert with the controls and aim, aim, shoot with numerous flawless trick shots.

Learning how to play hockey will take a lot of time, but not here. There is a brief tutorial in this game that demonstrates how to wield the hockey stick properly. To score goals is your primary objective, at all costs. Numerous characters will try to obstruct you in whatever way possible, but you won't be alarmed. Make a direct shot at the gate and strike hard without harming any heroes.

You may play this game without a keyboard. Attack planning is done with the left button, while selecting attack direction is done with the mouse. There are numerous ways to put the ball in the goal, including in a straight line. The fundamental rule is to avoid touching the weird things that are strewn over each level. Don't belittle the heroes who enjoy playing winter pastimes, either; some of them are ice skating and others are building snowmen.

How To Play

  • Play with the mouse Right click

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