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Ball Clash

In the brand-new game Ball Clash, we'll visit a bar and take part in a thrilling pool tournament. The game board will appear on the screen in front of you. Billiard balls will be scattered throughout. You must use a white ball to strike them. Complete the shot's trajectory calculation. If your vision is clear, the ball you need will fly into your pocket as you land on it. You will receive a specific quantity of points with each hit.

To hole every ball in this game with a pool theme, you have an unlimited number of shots. The balls do not have to be struck in a straight line; instead, they must only land in pockets that are directly above or below them. In contrast to a typical billiards table, this game's pockets are dispersed over the outer edge at random.

Up until it makes contact with another ball or the edge of the table, your ball moves. Any ball that is touched will move until it enters a pocket, reaches the edge of the table, or both. In this entertaining game of pool, strike the balls and drop them into the holes. Complete every level of Ball Clash by carefully considering your actions!

How To Play

  • Select any point on the screen with the left mouse, then move the mouse in the direction you want to strike the cue ball.

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