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GP Ski Slalom

We invite you to take part in slalom competitions in the mountains in the brand-new, thrilling game Gp Ski Slalom. On the screen in front of you, the border will show up. The starting point will be where your character is. The skier pushing off will descend gradually and pick up speed once the signal is given. Flags will be put along the path he will travel.

You will need to masterfully navigate your hero while touching the flags and doing special moves on the track in order to pass them. A specific number of points will be given for each successful procedure. Keep in mind that you need to prevent the athlete from falling down the slope by keeping him balanced.

There will be a total of twelve levels, each of which is more challenging than the one before it. For each level, you must make every effort to finish it correctly since you will be timed. In exchange for needing to navigate around gates to get points, you will use the right and left arrow keys to steer the skier as they travel downward.

How To Play

  • Use arrows.

In addition, you can play thrilling sports activities like Ski Xmas. Become a sports legend today and feel the surge of excitement!

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