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GlowIt is a set of enjoyable minigames for two people that includes games like soccer, basketball, driving, and shooting. From the makers of 12 Mini Battles, this is a two-player fighting game. Play a variety of video games with a neon theme this time. In each GlowIt mini-game, try to defeat your foe. There isn't a single-player option for this game, so be sure to challenge a friend in local two-player mode. A two-player game with tons of brightness, thrilling challenges, and unending enjoyment You may have fun while learning everything about the physical world by playing this game. Enjoy this fighting game with its turn-based gameplay, neon theme, and 12 different mini-battles.

How To Play

Each game can be played with a mouse or finger. Each minigame has instructions that you must follow.

How much basketball can you play at once? After that, you can play and delight in the Doc's Shootout Tourney game. Fun times!

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