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Football Flick

You begin the Football Flick game by selecting the country you want to represent, such as Portugal, Germany, England, Belgium, etc. Select your second favorite nationality if your own is not listed. To go to the final and triumph there, becoming the world champion, you must win match after match!

A football field will then appear on the screen in front of you after that. Your player will be at one end, while the opponent will be in front of him. A ball will appear in the field's center after the signal is provided. You will need to acquire control of it so that you may begin attacking the gate of your rival. You will enter the goal after the shot is made and score.

Both the computer, who will be your adversary, and you will be in control of players with gigantic heads. Move with the arrow keys to the right and left, then hit the ball with the F key. The person who scores the most goals before the game is over is declared the winner. Try to flip the ball over your opponent's head to score.

How To Play

  • Utilize the arrow keys and F.

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