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Crazy Bicycle

Join the millions of gamers who like the cycling simulation game Crazy Bicycle and want to be professional riders. Since he was a young child, Jack, a young man, has been smitten with bicycles. He started taking part in several racing competitions on this kind of vehicle while he was a young adult. You'll aid him in defeating them.

On the starting line at the start of the carefully designed racetrack will be your character and your rivals. All participants will start pedaling and rushing forward gradually to pick up pace as soon as the signal is given. You must pass all of your rivals, make numerous hairpin bends, and even execute ski jumps. The goal is to win the race and come in first place.

With only one tap, the genuine smartphone cycling championship is about to start. A new bike racing game with complex upgraded motorcycles and wild riders is now available.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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