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Fish rain

Enter the fascinating world of Fish Rain, a thrilling online game that takes the intensity of fishing tournaments directly to your computer. Picture yourself with your fishing rod in hand, ready to go on an exciting fishing expedition on the serene bank of a gorgeous lake.

Your primary objective in this game is to reel in and capture as many fish as you can, since each one will earn you points. To accomplish this, pay close attention to the underwater scene on the screen and wait for the ideal moment when a fish bites the bait. Your reflexes and talents will be put to the test as you swiftly set the hook and start the struggle for your prize as the float falls beneath, signaling the bite.

You will come across various fish species as you go through the game; each has unique traits and difficulties. Your rank will climb, and you will accrue more points the more successful you are. You will be captivated by the game's competitive and captivating experience for many hours. Prepare to throw your line and enjoy the excitement of fishing in this fascinating virtual environment!

How To Play

  • To control the fishing rod and catch fish, use the mouse.

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