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Azure Sea Fishing

Players may enjoy the excitement of fishing from the comfort of their homes with Azure Sea Fishing, an entertaining game. The goal of the game is to accurately simulate fishing as much as possible. While navigating the water area in a boat, the player must search for fish to catch.

The player's underwater fish and the boundaries of the water are displayed on a radar in the upper left corner of the game's display. When a fish appears, the player casts his line by clicking the cursor. The aim is to earn points and capture as many fish as you can. Every captured fish carries a point value, and the quantity of bubbles varies depending on the species of fish.

A range of fishing rods are available in the game and can be unlocked by accumulating points. Players can catch better and bigger fish with every new fishing gear they purchase. However, because the red line suggests that the rod may break, players need to take extra care not to break the line when fishing.

Anyone who loves the great outdoors or fishing will find this to be an entertaining and captivating game. It's an enjoyable way to pass the time.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse

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