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Fast Driver

One of the newest games in the Sports category, Fast Driver, will take you on an exciting ride. Fasten your seat belt, start the engine, and get ready. As its name suggests, Fast Driver tests your driving prowess by having you navigate your car past a number of difficult obstacles. Remember, though, that even having lightning-fast reflexes is insufficient if you can't avoid collisions. To avoid the various hazards and other automobiles in your path, you'll need to drive quickly but carefully.

Surprisingly fluid controls let players maneuver the car with ease using the mouse or by tapping left or right. The mechanism is incredibly basic, which makes it exciting! This game is different from other available automobile games because of its careful balance of being "easy to learn but hard to master.

This is a simple game where you have to drive a racing car through other automobiles carefully so that you don't smash into them. Take caution, as you will lose after three crashes. You become puzzled as the game's speed increases gradually. This is a really engaging game.

How To Play

  • To maneuver the automobile left and right, use the mouse click or touch.

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