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Boxers in Arena

With Boxers in Arena, an entertaining mashup of boxing games and mental games, you may lose yourself in the captivating world of jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. With its distinctive puzzle gameplay, this game puts a new spin on the combat sports genre. You must use strategic thinking to piece together realistic visuals of boxers slugging it out in the ring. location.

You'll set up questions exclusive to this sport in it. Images of warriors engaged in combat will display in front of you as soon as the game launches. You will need to use the mouse to select a certain image. It will then crumble into fragments. You can now restore the image and earn points for it by moving these components onto the playing field and connecting them.

Play with six different photos of construction vehicles in three different modes. Select a game mode from the list you already chose, then press play. To solve puzzles and create graphics of boxing scenarios, drag and drop parts. Have fun and relish!

How To Play

  • To solve the problem, drag and drop the pieces.

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