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Fail Run Online

In the game Fail Run Online, you'll take part in an intriguing competition where you'll have to assist various characters as they go forward and cross the finish line. Initially, you'll be in control of an avatar that resembles a security guard, but as you complete stages and earn coins, you'll be able to unlock it and purchase a variety of exciting new avatars for your amusement.

On the screen in front of you, a young man will show up, standing a little way from the finish line. You can select the foot on which he will step by using the mouse. The hero's actions must then be managed using a joystick. He has to maintain his balance while taking a minimal number of steps to cross the line. You will then earn points and go on to the next game level.

How To Play

Your character will advance one step whenever you touch the screen, and the longer you hold the mouse button, the larger the step is. Determine the steps you need to take to finish each level.

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