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Pole Vault Jump

Ready to put your pole vaulting prowess to the test in Pole Vault Jump? Well, the ancient Greeks laid the foundation for this sport. In our competition, the race will include jumps. Our computerized athletes will run far distances and overcome obstacles, and since they are tall enough, they will require a pole. Help your athlete win by running quickly and using a long stick to leap over obstacles in your path.

By always jumping at the proper moment and gathering enough coins to acquire new upgrades and better-trained characters, you can successfully navigate the exhilarating obstacle course. To avoid a disastrous collision that would waste your time and keep you from reaching the summit, demonstrate your exceptional reflexes and choose the perfect time to jump. Get ready for some fun because getting keys will open some treasure chests, and opening them will net you some gems that will let you access new, harder levels.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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