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Epic Basketball

Epic Basketball is a fun basketball arcade game with bizarre characters. Realistic physics, bizarre characters, endless amusement, and a world ranking to climb as high as you can can all be found in this game. Be ready for the adventure; in order to unlock 20 people, each with a unique animation and a unique item to throw, you must alter your aim.
Fire some bullets! While you aim to achieve the highest score, sink the balls into the basket to unlock new characters and skills. To improve your chances of topping the leaderboards, keep an eye out for occasional bonus rounds. Play Shared Dreams Studios' entertaining basketball game online and get behind.

How To Play

  • Click or swipe the mouse to aim and shoot the ball.

As always, we wish everyone success. And we hope you'll continue to play, as more amazing games, such as Nifty Hoopers Basketball, are on their way to you right now!

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