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Nifty Hoopers Basketball

Nifty Hoopers Basketball is a unique and authentic shooting simulator game. As you attempt to score enough points to win each game, assist the defenders and make your shots. Win all of your matches in an effort to advance to the next arena in each frame.
In this entertaining online game, pick your favorite team to play, then begin swinging a few rounds. Choose one of 16 nations, then engage in combat with your rivals. Utilize your superb three-point shooting accuracy or fake transitions to throw off your opponent's block. Before the timer expires, you must earn enough points. Shatter the net with a pinpoint shot to help your team win the international basketball tournament. A wonderful time!

How To Play

  • Touch or tap to shoot at the defender.

As always, we wish everyone the best of luck. And we hope you'll stay connected, as more amazing games, such as Basketball Run Shots, are on the way!

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