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A physics-based skill game with a basketball theme is called Dunkers. Utilize your lengthy arms to your advantage and put more points in the hoop than your opponent. On the basketball court, a superfight starts. By bouncing the ball around them, these basketball players are moving forward and backward. Tossing the ball into your opponent's basket is your objective in this game. Grab the ball, then leap in the direction of the opponent's goal. You can repeatedly go through the highs and lows of making a stellar pitch in Dunkers. The game is won by the first player to score three points. You can compete against friends, the computer, or other players in this free online embed game.

How To Play

  • Player 1: "Z, X"
  • Player 2:  "LEFT AND RIGHT ARROW"

There must be a basketball shortage for you to play? Once that is done, you can enjoy playing the Street Ball Star game. Good times!

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