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Street Ball Star

On our website, you can play the incredibly entertaining basketball game Street Ball Star for free online. Do you play basketball well? Do your friends refer to you as Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan? then demonstrate your street soccer abilities. Increase your point total as much as you can to become the most well-known street ball star. It turns out that you can put objects other than balls in the basket. It might be an apple, a rubber duck, a frog, or even a radio. Gain points by shooting, then unlock new throwable goods! Make sure your aim is accurate before shooting the ball toward the basket in an effort to make as many baskets as you can. To become a ball star, collect coins, access unique items and destinations, and receive prizes.

How To Play

  • Click or tap to aim and shoot.

Our other well-liked game, Ten Basket, is a great choice if you want to have some fun. Enjoy!

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