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Drunken Tug War

A Drunken Tug War competition will be held on a planet where funny-drawn small people live. You are able to take part in it. Two athletes will stand in the circle that appears on the screen in front of you. Your hero is one of them. A rope will be held in the hands of each opponent. Each athlete will start pulling it in his direction as soon as they hear the signal. In the ring, your job is to manipulate the hero and draw opponents toward you. You will receive points and advance to the next level of the game as soon as you complete this.

This is an excellent method of determining who has more strength, intelligence, and fingers. Make the most of your leisure time by getting to know someone if you want to compete with them! Think about hanging out with close pals; they'll always have someone to play with.

All right, so how do I play now? Nothing is really easier to do; you actually need a finger. The keyboard for the player on the left has a W, and the player on the right has an up arrow. The competitor gains an advantage over their rivals by pulling the rope more forcefully and pressing these keys firmly. The green radioactive zone between players is something to be aware of because it can burn you.

How To Play

  • Player 1: "W"
  • Player 2: "UP ARROW"

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