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Climb Hero

The game's protagonist Climb Hero is an enthusiastic climber who travels to the mountains annually to scale the hardest cliffs, putting his life in danger. Try to practice almost every day during the remaining period to reduce the risk. You will locate the hero during a training session, and you will assist him in getting the best outcomes possible. You must hold solid stones with skill in order to accomplish this. Pay attention to fractured stones and move on from them quickly; the same is true with gemstone-filled stones.

When the strong man swings over the stone wall, click or tap to grab the next ledge. When the time is right, grab the ledges and ascend a little bit higher to avoid falling into the chasm. Take caution—after a little while, some burrs will become loose and shatter. Get red rubies to purchase cool tattoos, Viking helmets, and new gear. This adds enjoyment to climbing.

Set new records for skill points quickly, and get to the next checkpoint as soon as possible. You can then restart several times from there. You will fail badly if you don't remember to time it appropriately. After achieving specific benchmarks, arrive at checkpoints. Hold on tight and see how far you can get!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse

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