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Cricket Legends

Do you like cricket? Then get ready to play Cricket Legends and enjoy one of your favorite sports. You will assume the role of your preferred player and prepare to take part in a crucial game.

The playing field will appear before the screen. Assuming the role of the player striking the ball, your character will stand holding the bat. There will be players from the other team on the pitch. The guy who is serving will toss the ball your way. You must examine the screen closely. You will have to hit the ball with a stick after swiftly calculating its trajectory. The ball enters the field when it is struck. You will receive points for this. Your opponent will score a point if you are unable to strike the ball.

As your opponent tosses the ball, keep an eye on its trajectory and prepare to whack it with your large stick to propel it as far as you can. Get the highest score on the scoreboard by scoring as many points as you can, and provide the audience with an unforgettable performance while they applaud and take in your talent.

You will win by scoring more points than the opposing team, which has hit the ball before you, whether you are playing in Tournament or Quick Match mode. That is what you will do right now.

How To Play

  • When the ball is approaching you, use the mouse to touch it at the perfect moment. The farther you strike the ball, the more points you get. You win if, at the end of the turn, you have more than your opponent.

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