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Mike And Mia Beach Day

Play the interactive game Mike and Mia Beach Day to begin an extensive day of beach adventures with Mike and Mia! On a family vacation, having fun is the best use of your time. To get to the beach, get dressed, and play easy activities, Mike and Mia need our assistance. It's now time to go fishing, so you can dress Mike and Mia in whatever you like for the beach.

Select for yourself a lovely, breezy, cozy, and vibrant vacation ensemble. Play a game of beach volleyball, drive through a maze road, dodge obstacles to get to the destination, and get ready to capture colorful fish on a small boat. You're in for a terrific time as you test your reflexes and patience, along with a lot more! Discover what thrilling surprises are in store for you on this thrilling beach excursion!

How To Play

  • To play minigames, either tap to play or use the mouse and WASD/arrow keys.

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