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Cricket Hero

With Cricket Hero, be ready to unleash your inner cricket champion! Like your favorite pro, you will set out on a mission to become the ultimate champion in this exhilarating game. The objective is straightforward: smash the ball as frequently and as far as you can. But proceed with caution—there are obstacles on the way to success. Bowlers who are determined to dominate you will unleash a torrent of bombs and eggs that you have to dodge with quick reflexes and a shrewd plan. 

Your senses are sharpened as you go across the field, taking in every spin the ball makes. With each strong blow, the audience will be on the edge of their seats, supporting you. You will experience the thrill of triumph and an adrenaline surge with every successful shot. Can you achieve your greatest success and fulfill your childhood fantasy of being a hero? Now that the game has begun, go play! 

How To Play

To hit the ball, tap or click.

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