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Craft Drill

In the Craft Drill game, are you prepared to find buried gems and establish a successful mining empire? You will play as an expert miner in this exciting adventure, entrusted with taking rare minerals and gems out of the earth.

You will control a strong drill as you progress through the game, carefully controlling its movements to avoid obstacles and make the most use of your available resources. You will gain points and gather priceless materials like coal, iron, gold, and diamonds with every productive excavation. But creating and growing your mining empire is just as important as amassing fortune.

You will be able to upgrade your drill and swap out other attachments, such as a wooden shovel, stone shovel, iron pickaxe, and diamond pickaxe, as you go through the game. Your ability to drill will improve with each improvement, making it possible for you to mine resources more effectively. Begin constructing your mining empire by entering the fascinating game's universe right now. With its unlimited options and engaging gameplay, practicing will become a habit!

How To Play

To move the drill, press the arrow keys.

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