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Cool Run 3D

Do you enjoy playing running-related online games but become weary of traditional games? Play the first version of Cool Run 3D. In it, you'll race against a computer-controlled foe on an unusual course. You have to keep an eye on it in addition to the fact that it hangs in the air. Additionally, it incorporates ramp pedals that will help you perform better in the race.

Your character and his opponents will be seen on the screen before you do. When the signal is given, each of you will advance in a specific direction. You must work to increase your speed and outpace all of your competitors. You'll encounter established traps and ground indentations along the way. Some of them can be jumped over, while others can simply be avoided by running.

Run and jump into the subway to grab coins and punctuation. The dungeon's endless racing game is shifted from left to right. Run quickly and engage in combat with monsters day and night under moonlight. Play right away to take part in and win the game!

How To Play

  • To control the character, swipe the screen.

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