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Cube Surfer

You will take part in an unusual surfing tournament in the brand-new game Cube Surfer. Try to survive as long as you can by gliding between the cubes. Move left and right to collect additional blocks. In this entertaining online game based on the well-known Voodoo app, stay away from anything that could bring you down while attempting to obtain the maximum score possible.

The screen in front of you will show a slick road of a specific width. Standing on a brown cube, your character will sprint along it as they gain speed. There will be various-height obstacles along your path. On the road, there will also be a variety of other brown things and blocks.

You'll need to navigate around obstacles and gather brown blocks by using the control keys. You will build a column of these things below you by driving through them. You can surmount obstacles of various heights by doing this. You will get points and advance to the next level of the game after completing it.

How To Play

  • To slide left and right, use the mouse or your finger.

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