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Crazy Golfish

Prepare yourself for a unique golf experience in the darkly comedic game, Crazy Goldfish! In order to place your Golf-Ish in the Fish Tank, you must overcome dangerous obstacles and lethal traps, putting your abilities to the test in this unique take on the traditional game of golf.

It's easy to aim your golf ball in the shape of a fish into the fishbowl with the fewest strokes possible. Aim to score goals using the fewest possible moves. After a few easy levels, you'll have to avoid dangerous spikes and terrible traps that may sever fish in half. Whatever comes your way, you have to keep going. You might even have to flush it down the toilet. To accomplish this, aim and launch it while keeping in mind the rebound angle to ensure that it lands precisely where you need it to.

Keep your fish from becoming overly fat, as this could make it too heavy to move over some obstacles. Look for shortcuts and power-ups that will enable you to get to the Fish Bowl more quickly. The game's peculiar sound effects and gory, yet hilarious graphics further increase its peculiar appeal. Watching the sad fate of other golf fish who are unable to escape the fish tank will make you chuckle and shiver at the same time.

How To Play

  • To secure your shooting angle, tap once more. To release the force bar and take your shot, tap once more.

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