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Bouncy Ball

Matching colored balls is the object of the entertaining puzzle game Bouncy Ball. Shoot a ball, allow it to bounce, and then place it. You will have a straightforward goal to complete in this game: get rid of the wall of vibrantly colored balls that is slowly moving toward the bottom of the screen. You only need to precisely aim your cannon at the wall and fire orbs at it to complete the task. While battling at the speed of a 1000-ton weight, pop every bubble. The finest bubble-smashing action is found in this game. Knock your ball off the wall to try to reach any bubbles that are in difficult-to-reach places. You can see which bubble will appear next by watching the bouncing ball. Make your move with this knowledge in mind.

How To Play

Shoot colored balls at the corresponding colors with your mouse. To match all the images of the same color and earn points, match three of them. Think quickly because the bubble will slowly approach you and warn of impending doom.

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