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Dunk Line 2

Dunk Line has returned with a new look! You have to start over if you lose in this new Dunk Line 2 game. The player's job is to draw a line with a pen such that the ball rolls into the basket perfectly and stays there. With each toss into the basket, try to extend your range. To ensure that the ball travels as far as possible, lines must be drawn. Put out all of your effort to ensure that the ball lands where it should. The game is over if the ball leaves the field of play. The game provides you with a ton of incredible levels, but take care—it's not as simple as you may believe. Draw a path quickly and attempt to sink every ball without dropping any explosives. Try to finish all 20 levels.

How To Play

  • Draw lines with your mouse to dip each ball.

We suggest the Real Street Basketball game if you're interested in this game and want to play other games like it. Enjoy!

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