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Bird Surfing

You can change into a massive bird while playing the game Bird Surfing. Choose the color of the coat; options include hot red, white, and even blue. However, since flying between rings, or checkpoints, will be your major objective, the color won't matter as much. Be aware that missing a ring results in the loss of one life; if you lose all three, the game is over and you must restart.

As soon as the game begins, you will immediately control the bird and move to the flying area. Fly as high as you can to avoid colliding with the jagged, jutting rocks on the rough terrain below. Additionally, there will be rings along the road that you must fly through to earn points. Your dexterity will be required to keep your bird from crashing into the hoops or rocks.

How To Play

  • To go from one ring to the next, keep the mouse in place and follow the white dotted lines in the air.

While playing this game, good luck and best wishes. Play further captivating games similar to Martial Arts: Fighter Duel. Only here will you find happiness!

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