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Martial Arts: Fighter Duel

Masters of martial arts from all around the world will congregate today for the Martial Arts: Fighter Duel competition. You must support your hero in winning this competition. You will have to select a character from the available hero possibilities at the beginning of the game. If you select arcade mode, pick a character to battle against another character that the computer is controlling. If you select the 2P mode, two players will engage in combat. The objective is to strike, punch, and kick your opponent more while protecting oneself in either case.

The arena is where your character will engage in combat. There will be adversaries in opposition. The fight will start at the signal. In order to defeat the enemy, you must assault him repeatedly. Your rival will attempt the same thing. You'll have to avoid or deflect his blows. After winning the duel, the game Vo Lam Truyen Ky: Duel will advance you to the following screen, where you can battle other players.

How To Play

  • P1: WASD, F, G, H, C, V, B.
  • P2: Arrow, U, I, O, J, K, L

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