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Lets Cut

We wish to welcome you to take part in the competition to create various cocktails today in the game Let's Cut. The juicer will show up on the screen before you do. To her right, several fruits will materialize. They will revolve in space at a specific speed and take on specific geometric forms. Knives will be under them. The fruit will need to be sliced into pieces with a knife before being thrown with intention into the juicer.

Instead of defending against enemy attacks, ninja cooks keep sharp steel stars on hand to chop fruit salad. Aid him in completing the mission. A group of fruits will arrive on the field and rotate in various directions; you must remove all of the fruits with the fewest possible tosses. Are you certain you'll triumph in this game? Start right away!

How To Play

  • To move the graphic, keep your finger (or mouse) still and slide across the screen.

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