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Basket Shot Master

In Basket Shot Master, pick up the ball and prove to the world who the basketball king is! Fun cartoon characters, straightforward gameplay principles, thrilling rapid matches, and many other elements can be found in this addictive super casual game. Quick hits can stun opponents and earn you points. Drag the ball in any direction while holding it. The arrow advances more quickly the longer it is. To see how you did, aim for the ring and fire. You can retry your shot by catching the ball in midair rather than waiting for it to fall. Use this strategy to surprise your adversaries and gain more time to rack up more scores. Increase your coin multiplier after matches, make a lot of money, and improve your skills to keep crushing your opponents along this journey!

How To Play

  • To move, slide; to shoot, release

Develop your basketball abilities and show off your talent in every game. In other games like Flipper Dunk 3D, you'll need daily basketball practice to keep up with your opponent, who is always playing and never sleeping.

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