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Flipper Dunk 3D

The difficult one-touch basketball game Flipper Dunk 3D. To dip, you'll need the perseverance of a monk and the accuracy of a master. If you can, it will be immensely satisfying when you do. This difficult one-touch basketball game will put your patience and precision to the test. You may now determine if you have what it takes to become a dunk expert with Flipper Dunk 3D. You will need both patience and accuracy to win in this game because it is simple to learn yet difficult to master. To advance through each level of this game, you must propel the ball forward and score all of the baskets.

How To Play

  • To utilize the cap, press the left mouse button.

If you're into hoops, you can always play additional Tallman Dunk Rush games to perfect your abilities.

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