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Basket Puzzle!

A brand-new difficult sliding game with loads of physics aspects is called Basket Puzzle!. To win, slide the ball and the net simultaneously, use the level's terrain to get the ball over the net, and then toss the ball into the goal. To properly place the ball in the basket, move the ball and the basket simultaneously. Toss the ball into the basket with a fan, trampoline, or carousel. Simply drag and drop objects to launch the simulation. Earn more money to purchase new balls by completing each level with three stars. To increase your score, try to use the fewest movements possible. Play by the predetermined plan, and good luck!

How To Play

  • Play with a mouse or a touch device.

Be sure to check out our collection of free and online basketball games to browse for more exciting titles like the Faceball game. We always hope you have a good time and have fun!

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