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Hit your opponent or get hit in Faceball! There are two sides and two colors to a stickman. You are as obstinate as either side in this conflict. Combating the adversary is your primary duty. Your weapon, nevertheless, isn't really nasty. In this game, your sole attack tool will be a bouncing ball. The key is being able to shoot accurately and place your handle correctly. You should be on the lookout for the supporting arrows on the screen between the stickmen as you choose how to set your aim. The target arrows on the two sides are in line with one another. Therefore, avoid getting hit by hostile arrows, and try to attack your foes!

How To Play

  • Stickman's arrow placement can be done with the left click and cursor.

Every basketball game is an opportunity to hone your abilities and showcase your talent. In other games like Basketball Kings 2022, where your opponent never sleeps, you will need to keep up by regularly engaging in basketball practice.

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