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AXE Throw

You and a Viking warrior will participate in today's Axe Throw and each toss an ax at a target. On the screen in front of you, the target will be clearly apparent. They can move in space and will be at a specific distance. You must use the mouse to click on them. As a result, you choose a precise target and throw the ax at it. You will be awarded a set number of points when it strikes the target and cuts it into pieces.

Play the enjoyable throwing and aiming game Ax Throwing to hone your Viking axe-throwing techniques at moving targets. It should go without saying that this is one of the worst inventions of mankind and arguably one of the riskiest as well. Because of this, it's preferable to take advantage of safety and comfort now.

Simply aim your ax throw towards the target to advance through each level. You might initially believe the game is too simple, but the first stages are always meant to get you warmed up and familiar with the rules. The difficulty of the game increases as the trial time gets shorter and one of the targets starts to slide on the reels, blocked by moving obstacles that will make you lose if you touch them.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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