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Happy Easter Game

Help the bunnies dip the Easter eggs into a basket of balloons in the intriguing new online game Happy Easter Game. The aim of the game is to gather as many eggs as you can before the timer expires. Jumping on eggs will let you collect them, but watch out for the pit below! There are a lot of challenges in the game, including trees, pebbles, and other Easter decorations. One of the brothers will be seated close to the basket of eggs in front of you on the screen. You can see the second brother, who is soaring in a balloon basket, when you are a set distance away from him. Click on one of the eggs to continue. On a dotted line that you call out in this manner, you may determine the size and trajectory of your throw. When you're ready, proceed. If your calculations are accurate, the egg will follow a specific path before landing in the balloon basket. You will receive credit in the Happy Easter Game for doing this. The egg will drop to the ground and crack if your calculations are off.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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