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Angry Purrs

In the game Angry Purrs, you will have control over both cats and birds, in addition to the renowned angry birds. It turns out that cats can be just as bad as birds. They choose to play basketball because they have no evil foes like green pigs with birds. Play this fantastic game featuring lovely mechanics and different stages. Just make a goal to practice your targeting skills. To finish the level in the game, aim carefully and throw the bird into the basket. The cats' lack of balls, however, presented an unanticipated challenge, and this infuriated them greatly. After some consideration, they made the decision to transform into the balls and leap into the basket. You're welcome to take part in a unique game where the objective is to successfully throw the cats into the basket of the basketball.

How To Play

To show the throw's direction, use the white arrow. Additionally, you can adjust the throwing force in Angry Purrs using the scale in the lower left corner.

Like other competitive games, basketball is enjoyable. To play a free game similar to Sticky Basket, go to our action page. Play right away. Fun times!

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