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Air Hockey Cup

Playing in the Air Hockey Cup will put your air hockey abilities to the ultimate test. Winning every trophy in the air hockey game is a daunting undertaking, but that's exactly what the game is trying to teach you. Many tournaments will be required of you, and each one will have its own set of regulations and difficulties.

The American League is where the action begins, and it's also the most accessible, as there are no entry costs. To win this match within the given time limit, you must score two goals. To put it simply, this isn't easy. Because of this, you should brace yourself to employ every ounce of your air hockey knowledge in the face of equally talented opponents.

You should expect increasingly difficult obstacles as you advance through the competitions. You need three goals to win a European competition, but four goals to win a continental or national one. Winning a higher-level event is more rewarding because of the bigger prize pool. Become the best air hockey player you can be by starting now!

How To Play

  • Assist the team by shooting the tokens. Compete at a higher level and win more events. Earn victory points and spend them on better tokens, rings, or formations.

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