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Infantry Attack Battle 3D FPS

Hello, and thank you for choosing to play Infantry Attack Battle 3D FPS! The next world war is unavoidable because there are an excessive number of conflicts that are already accumulating in the world, and tyrants are bored and want to shed blood. Your small nation has no intention of causing harm to anyone, yet it will certainly attack anyone. Unfortunately, it is close to a sizable nation that is under the brutal and cruel rule of a tyrant. In the belief that there would be no opposition, he made the decision to take control of the land that was adjacent to his own.

Nevertheless, the entire population rose up to protect the Fatherland, and the adversary turned back before they could accomplish their primary objective, which was to take control of the capital. As the violence escalated, it spread to cities, villages, and even smaller settlements. When you play First-Person Shooter 3D Infantry Assault Battle, you are one of the thousands of warriors who have helped your country become stronger by eliminating its adversaries. One of the objectives is to clean out a tiny village. You will see a mission in the upper left corner of the screen, which is the quantity of adversaries that you need to eliminate.

How To Play

To move, use the WASD keys, and to shoot, tap the screen.

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