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8 Ball Pool Challenge

You'll participate in a pool competition in the thrilling new game, 8 Ball Pool Challenge. Your objective is to hit the colored balls with the white ball so that they fall into the table's edge holes. Once you've completed your shots, the computer will start playing. To avoid losing and having to restart, make sure they don't outscore you by hitting more balls.

You can select the game's difficulty setting from the outset. After that, a pool table with the balls on it will materialize in front of you. They will form a particular geometric shape as they stand. A white ball will be placed opposite this collection of items. To make the dotted line appear, you must use your mouse to click on the screen. You can use it to determine the size and direction of the impact on the white ball. When ready, execute. You will strike another ball and pocket it if your range is accurate. You will earn points for doing this. The player who takes the lead will be declared the game's winner.

How To Play

Move the stick in the direction you wish to shoot the white ball with the mouse. The colored balls must be struck by this ball in order for them to fall into the table's edge holes. That's how you score, and after you do, you can try again.

As you play this game, good luck and best wishes to you. Play more captivating games like Fail Run Online. The only place to find happiness is here!

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