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XMAS Wheelie

In the entertaining online game Xmas Wheelie, drive your way to the top score with a Christmas theme. Stickman made the decision to adopt Santa Claus. And since he was without a magic deer or sleigh, he made the decision to travel by bicycle, which is the most often used mode of transportation. However, riding a bike in the snow is inconvenient; in order to get through all the skiing, you must learn how to ride on one wheel. By finishing levels, you can assist the hero in the game and begin training.

Don't stand on both wheels; instead, accelerate and stand on the back wheel, being sure to cross the dotted vertical line. Throughout the journey, gather points and establish records in a novel way. Maintain a tight grip on the wheel as you ascend and descend the hill. To access new motorcycles and levels, gather coins. To unlock all achievements, attempt to gather all 12 hidden gifts across all levels. Assist Santa in finishing the wheel challenge!

How To Play

  • Press and hold to seize the wheel.

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