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Wordle Stack 3D

In the unusual and difficult Wordle Stack 3D game, players must correctly guess a concealed word in six tests. The game's mechanism is straightforward but visually appealing: players select letters from the keyboard and watch to see when the blocks with icons fall into the playground. The little man gathers the blocks by hitting Enter, sorting them into mental order.

In order to build a hidden word, the player must arrange the blocks, which represent the letters dropping from above, in the correct order. The game's color-coded structure makes it easier for players to determine which letters are correct and which ones require correction.

While the yellow cubes indicate that the letters are in the word but not in the proper place, the green cubes show that the letter is in the correct position. The black forms in the buried word indicate the absence of the letter. As they advance through each stage, gamers can narrow down their options and modify their forecasts thanks to this feedback mechanism. As players go through each level, the game's difficulty rises, providing a demanding and satisfying experience.

How To Play

  • Instructions for Santa Claus with mouse arrows, touch, or keyboard.


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