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Winx Club Baby Adventure


Winx Club Baby Adventure is the kind of game you should play if you enjoy marathons. When it comes to a nice run—or perhaps a flight—these babies don't mess around. They may be little and adorable, but they move quickly. But be careful! There are a few challenges in this event.

You can act as a coach to them and demonstrate to them how to stay clear of all the hazards on the flying track. You could also tell them to also catch the floating objects, such as the diamonds and the odd-looking bottles filled with magical ingredients.

How To Play

Sometimes it can be difficult, especially when the track turns a corner. To switch lanes, swipe left and right on your device. or make use of the keyboard's arrow keys.

Remember to also gather the sparkling diamonds floating above! Later on, you'll trade with them. When you get enough of those, you can enhance some potions or unlock new characters, among other options. This game will get more intriguing as you play it more often!

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