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Wilt Wash and Swoosh

In Wilt Wash and Swoosh, it's time for Wilt to do the laundry, but he treats it like a game, more like a basketball game, so he needs your help to throw clothes like he does. he will do in this sport. If you want to learn how, just read this description to the end and find out! Click and hold the mouse button to aim, then release to shoot. Try to beat the clock to get the time bonus. Find open washers, then try to get clothes on them, earning points each time you do. We're sure you'll help wilting a lot because he doesn't really know how to wash clothes. Make sure to do everything from here fast enough for the best results. Don't forget that you have to separate the white clothes from the colored ones because that's how you will get it right.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

Wishing everyone success and patience as you wait for even more fantastic content to be made available to you, like Caillou Basketball. We firmly believe that you will adore all of that information.

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