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Volleyball 2020

Introducing Volleyball 2020, a novel and captivating browser-based online game that breathes new life into the sports gaming genre. In contrast to standard basketball and soccer games, volleyball 2020 lets you play with your head, which makes for an exciting experience. It is your task to muster your courage, represent the nation of your choice, and pursue the world championship.

You'll have to assist your hero in vanquishing adversaries. You'll see that the playing field is split into two sections before you get to the screen. Your player will be on one side, while his opponent will be on the other. The ball will enter the match at the stated signal. The character is in your control, and you must hit him in the direction of the adversary. Make an effort to accomplish this so the ball reaches the floor. You score a goal and receive points in this manner.

To demonstrate who is the best on your team, all you have to do is select one member. The winner of the game does not have a set score. Rather, a stopwatch is used, and the winner is the player or nation who scores the most goals in the given amount of time. Your objective is to score as many points as you can in the allotted 90 seconds.

How To Play

  • To move the player, use the arrow keys or AD.
  • To jump, press the space bar or the up arrow key.

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