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Uphill Offroad Bicycle Rider

In the game Uphill Offroad Bicycle Rider, you'll travel to the highlands with a bunch of athletes to take part in the bicycle race. Your objective will be to mount a bike and ride across challenging terrain. You will need to gather checkpoints while driving in order to complete the level; otherwise, you risk falling. You must select your bike before the game can begin. The starting line will then appear, where you and your rivals will be. When the signal appears, you'll begin cycling quickly along the road while gradually picking up speed.

You will have to do ski jumps and cross many hazardous highways. To win the race, try to outpace your rivals and cross the finish line first. Remember the time restriction; if it expires, you'll have to start over. You will gain money for completing each level that can be used to purchase a new bike. You will undoubtedly enjoy this game if you enjoy cycling on challenging terrain. Let's begin right away!

How To Play

  • To play the game, press the arrow keys.

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