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Tiny Landlord


A fun city-building simulator with straightforward gameplay is Tiny Landlord. The game's best feature is the plethora of structures you may construct on your own, including homes, skyscrapers, streets, factories, clinics, hospitals, schools, parks, and ports. ports, garages, and government organizations. Your macro vision allows you to see the promising future of the entire city, and you are determined to start developing so that everyone may live better and more comfortably here while also raising the bar for the entire city. The city has developed into a proud and contemporary tourist destination for the nation.

How To Play

  • Control the game with your mouse. 
  • Create your own city by simulating a city builder.
  • Use your money to unlock and plant trees, add street lights, and bike racks, among other things, in the city simulator to improve city life.
  • Gain favor and presents from your citizens to raise your wealth and perform tasks more quickly.
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