The high-scoring, retro-style game Timberman is highly addictive. Take on the role of a lumberjack, fell trees, and avoid the limbs. Sounds like a straightforward procedure, no? Over 20 million people playing one of the most popular games since 2014, and still playing with zeal in 2022, cannot be wrong!In particular, with a recent update that included a ton of new people, locations, and a bigger settlement! There will be plenty of entertainment and trees to chop down, as usual. Timberman is an arcade-style, retro-style video game. Be a timberman; fell trees while avoiding the branches. Sounds like a straightforward procedure, no? Although it's easy to learn, mastering it is difficult. There are 12 different locations to discover, along with 104 lumberjacks. Improve your skills for the fastest times on the leaderboards. Grab an axe and cut the tree as soon as you can, just like any lumberjack would!

How to play

Click or tap on either side of the tree to cut it.

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