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The Happiest Fish

And what does The Happiest Fish's small goldfish wish to do while swimming in the sea? A small fish needs very little to be the happiest person. It turns out that very little is actually required in order for there to be lots of food, clean water, and predator-free conditions. If you attempt your best, this is the least you can give her. In order to find a new house where she will be truly happy and where all of her modest demands will be granted, Rybka wants to leave the place where she currently resides.

She is prepared to travel great distances in order to relocate to a more lucrative area of the aquatic world. Help the heroine; she plans to swim till she reaches her objective, and you must watch out that the fish does not run into any obstacles. The fish must be on the lookout for algae and other hazards while also gathering cash.
Without touching them, swim around the green algae, gather gold coins, and then all of a sudden you need them.

How To Play

  • To swim, click or tap on a mobile device.

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