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Tennis is War

Enter the court, but don't let the sport's serene aura deceive you; according to Tennis is War, each game is a bloody struggle. The ancient sport is transformed into an exciting battle in this game, where players must employ every tactic and plan at their disposal to prevail.

In this game, you're fighting your opponents in a bloody war rather than merely playing a game. The X indicates the ball's bounce point, and your job is to rush to the correct location to use your racket to catch the ball. You will be able to store energy in the energy bar with every hit that is successful. When it's full, you can shoot the ball in any direction you choose by using the spacebar to choose a direction before it gets to you.

This is when the intriguing part comes in. Every hit in this game counts as combat. In order to take down your opponents and make them make mistakes, you'll need to place your shots strategically. And you strike back when they err! But take caution—if they make two consecutive shots that go out of bounds, they will lose, and a new opponent will enter the fray.

The game's unique power-up system increases the excitement. You will accrue points for every hit that you make and every triumph over your rivals as you play. You can use these points to acquire additional abilities that will give you an advantage in the game. You can acquire abilities that, for instance, cause your opponent to move more slowly or to throw attacks that are more erratically directed. Alternatively, you might discover something that enhances your quickness or dexterity on the pitch. To remain ahead of the game, you must use these power-ups!

With intricate animations that bring each picture and movement to life, the images are extraordinarily lifelike. Every shot and footstep on the court can be easily heard thanks to the clear and sharp sound effects. The upbeat soundtrack makes every game more exciting!

This game is ideal for you if you enjoy thrilling and entertaining games or if you're a tennis enthusiast! It promises to deliver hours of fun and excitement with its distinctive power-up system, colorful graphics and music effects, and aggressive action!  

How To Play

  • Make use of the arrow keys.

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